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浅草 着物レンタル サクラフォトスタジオ


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  Hello. Welcome to`Sakura Photo Studio` . We have been located in Asakusa since 2013.

Asakusa is a unique neighborhood in Tokyo in which you can immerse yourself in both the rich cultural traditions of Japan as well as experience the ultra-modern and cutting-edge Soramachi or "Sky Tree". Would you like to wear a kimono in Asakusa and enjoy this unique cultural experience? We provide  a walking guide as well as an authentic photo session on location and in studio all while wearing a beautiful kimono.Please come and let us make your trip to Asakusa exquisitely  memorable.                       


Thank you. 







(2min from No.1 Exit Asakusa Station Ginza line )


ご連絡先 Contact 

 PHONE: 03-6802-8814(代表)

PHONE: (+81) 3-6802-8814 (company・international phone call)



お問い合わせ下さい メールは24時間以内にご返信いたします。

※We will not be able to pick up the phone when we all are in the middle of styling or photo shooting.

    Please try to call again, call mobile phones, or  email us in the case we don`t answer.   


PHONE: 070-9031-7051 (日本語・English)

PHONE: 070-5011-2785  (English・韓国語・中国語)


            (通常24時間以内にご返答いたします。We will email you back in 24hours.)


OPEN AM10:00~PM6:00 (年中無休)(7days a week)


住所:〒111-0034 東京都台東区雷門1-12-12 鈴木ビル2F 地図:click here

Adress: (zipcode in Japan 111-0034)

                Suzuki Bld 2F 1-12-12 Kaminarimon Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan 地図:click here



※We are a member store for `Tokyo Tourist Information Desk` officially.

Please feel free to come and ask for any tourists information as well.※


Sakura Photo Studioは、東京観光案内窓口正式加盟店です。





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