※We have more than 500 kinds of kimonos※

※`Sakura Photo Studio` is an entity by itself and has no relations to other shops with similar names.  Recently there have been more shops opening in Asakusa that are in the same business with kimono rentals and photography therefore in this disclaimer we are asking customers to please make sure that you have read and reserved with "Sakura Photo Studio." Although they have the name 'Sakura' 桜there is no relation or ties with our businesses.  We have been and will have been the original kimono rental shop as `SAKURA` containing this name in Asakusa since 2013.  We don't even have any other chain shops, companies, offices or any other branches in Asakusa.   PLEASE DO NOT GET CONFUSED. Other shops have recently opened however, we have been running a successful business since 2013.  Our shop always has `studio` in its name, and when printed in media it will explicitly state so.  In addition to our kimono rentals, we provide creative stylings, with a variety of photo plans as well as alternative activities.  Please read our disclaimer carefully as we are not responsible and or liable for misinterpretation on the customers end when booking online. We welcome questions and inquiries in advance. If you have questions please call us directly at ..... and check out our website at ... Go to a map.

 Open Time 10:00-18:00

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★outdoor photo option plan★

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We provide a walking guide as well as a photo session on location. The price is 10000yen (tax included) per person.

(about 50-60photos →only soft copy we will send you photos by e-mail)


★studio photo option plan★

 link click here


1person 1photo 3000yen

2-4 persons 1photo 4000yen

5persons 1photo 5000yen

not Included print (only data)




We provide 4 kinds of kimono styling plans.

Please select a plan.

 ※The price of styling of kimono includes all hair setting, shawl, and purses, which are fit on kimono style.

  However, making up is exceptional.

Make up service is an optional. 5000yen per person.

If you have Simple plan & Basic plan & luxury plan A , please return to the shop by 5pm.

If you have Luxury plan B, you enjoy walking by yourself for only 2hours.



make up example

more examples: click sample page

simple:3000yen (tax included) per person. return by 6pm

basic:5000yen (tax included) per person. return by 6pm

luxury A:10000yen (tax included) per person. return by 6pm

luxury B:10000yen (tax included) per person. Free time 2hours

luxury for men:10000yen (tax included) per person. return by 6pm

Premium PLAN for ladies 20,000yen(tax included) per person ☆new☆

Houmongi: 10000yen〜

※caution: Tall and Big size (approximate sized over165cm, 5.4feet 70kg, 154lb): 5000yen

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(2min from No.1 Exit Asakusa Station Ginza line )


ご連絡先 Contact 

 PHONE: 03-6802-8814(代表)

PHONE: (+81) 3-6802-8814 (company・international phone call)



お問い合わせ下さい メールは24時間以内にご返信いたします。

※We will not be able to pick up the phone when we all are in the middle of styling or photo shooting.

    Please try to call again, call mobile phones, or  email us in the case we don`t answer.   


PHONE: 070-5365-1551 (日本語・English)

PHONE: 070-5011-2785  (English・韓国語・中国語)

E-mail: sakuraphotokimono@gmail.com 

            (通常24時間以内にご返答いたします。We will email you back in 24hours.)


OPEN AM10:00~PM6:00 (年中無休)(7days a week)


住所:〒111-0034 東京都台東区雷門1-12-12 鈴木ビル4階  (2楷スタジオ専用フロア)地図:click here

Adress: (zipcode in Japan 111-0034)

                Suzuki Bld 4F 1-12-12 Kaminarimon Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan 地図:click here



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