☆スタジオ撮影 Studio Photo option plan(基本料金)



 (超高解像度`データのみ`) メール送信にて納品。

(※お写真のご料金は、基本料金を元に枚数単価になります。例:1名様 2カット 6000円(税込))








☆studio photo option plan (basic price)

 1person 1photo 3000yen(tax included)

 2-4persons 1photo 4000yen(tax included) 

(※We charge for 1photo each. For example, we charge 6000yen if you order two photos for single, 1person shots.)

※Additional 1000yen(tax included)  to be charged with every one person increase in any basic price.

We provide super hi resolution data only, no print on `Studio Photo option plan`.

※We have an extra album making for sale . Please check out following below on this page.


You can choose one or some of photos, (it depends on how many you order) from all samples.

We send you every single of shot as sample photos attached copy guard at first, then you need to let us know which you would like to have.

We will send you digital edited and developed data as finalized photos without copy guard by email after the photo shooting.

※You can have variety of accessories such as umbrellas, imitation swards, and shoes, freely  when taking photos.

    (all accessories are included in the price of photo shooting.) 


※Cautionwe don`t usually do digital editing with `shapen your face up, shapen your body up, erace stains, spot removing, erace wrinckle, make eyes bigger..etc so that we provide the customers with data for your natural beauty with reasonable price charge.

What we usually do with digital editing in normal outdoor photo option plan is `modifying slope, fixing color tempature in appropriate position, and proper brightness` as usual as most professinal photographers take care of. If you would like to have more blushed up data with those kinds of digital editing, we require the guests to make an extra payment for each part in a photo. (The pricing will depend on what level of editing we need to supply.)

☆アルバム販売 ☆ albums for sale (not included in a studio photo plan price)

2面台紙 2sided mount  1枚A4サイズ(縦横両方選択可能)1photo A4size(horizontal, vertical multiple-choice)

1冊2枚写真付き 1冊11,000円(税込) 1book 2photos 11,000yen(tax included)

3面台紙 3 sided mount 1枚 203mm×254mmサイズsize (縦横両方選択可能)(horizontal, vertical multiple-choice)

1冊3枚写真付き 1冊16,000円(税込)  1book 3photos 16,000yen(tax included)




※国内旅行中の海外のお客様で国内便をご希望の方は東京23区内に滞在で、撮影後3日後受け取り可能な方に限り発送可能で す。(その他のケースで国内滞在日数に余裕があり、受け取りが可能でありそうな場合はお気軽にご相談ください。発送エリア拡大のご相談も、場合により善処いたします。)



※International shipping  service is not included in the price.  It is an extra charge.

※For the guests who are having a trip in Japan from overseas,we deliver you albums to the hotel within Tokyo 23-ku basis(district23 of Tokyo) , 3days after we have a photo shooting.

2F Photo Studio Floor

Studio Photo Gallery




(2min from No.1 Exit Asakusa Station Ginza line )


ご連絡先 Contact 

 PHONE: 03-6802-8814(代表)

PHONE: (+81) 3-6802-8814 (company・international phone call)



お問い合わせ下さい メールは24時間以内にご返信いたします。

※We will not be able to pick up the phone when we all are in the middle of styling or photo shooting.

    Please try to call again, call mobile phones, or  email us in the case we don`t answer.   


PHONE: 070-5365-1551 (日本語・English)

PHONE: 070-5011-2785  (English・韓国語・中国語)

E-mail: sakuraphotokimono@gmail.com 

            (通常24時間以内にご返答いたします。We will email you back in 24hours.)


OPEN AM10:00~PM6:00 (年中無休)(7days a week)


住所:〒111-0034 東京都台東区雷門1-12-12 鈴木ビル4階  (2楷スタジオ専用フロア)地図:click here

Adress: (zipcode in Japan 111-0034)

                Suzuki Bld 4F 1-12-12 Kaminarimon Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan 地図:click here



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