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    Ece Yuceland & Gamze Yuceland (金曜日, 31 1月 2020 18:20)

    We had such a great and special time at this studio! The staff was very professional and friendly. They explained everything clearly and were very good at what they did. Made us feel comfortable all along. Especially, the outside photos was very fun, so definitely do that! It's a great experience that everyone should do. I highly recommend this studio if you want to get kimono dressed and have your pictures taken. Thank you very much for everything!!

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    junmaru nguyen (木曜日, 20 12月 2018 17:24)

    Nó là một trải nghiệm tuyệt vời. Nếu như các bạn muốn thuê kimono và đi chụp hình với giá cả hợp lý, tầm ¥1500, thì đây là một chỗ phù hợp cho túi tiền. Tất nhiên là sẵn sàng chịu chơi hơn thì sẽ phải trả thêm tiền nhưng nhìn chung là mọi thứ liên quan đến trang phục đều được cung cấp. Thợ chụp hình có thể nói được tiếng Anh và cô chủ tiệm rất thân thiện và có thể nói được tiếng Nhật, Hàn và tiếng Anh. Phù hợp cho mọi lứa tuổi và cả gia đình.

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    Paul Shinn (金曜日, 08 6月 2018 13:27)

    This was the best ever time. They took the time to explain everything. I was very comfortable with being dressed by some else into formal attire and the photos are just amazing. Well worth the effort and the cost was fair. Thank you all.

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    Ed D (火曜日, 22 5月 2018 12:38)

    Wonderful staff and quality of Kimonos. Photographer was professional.
    Would recommend.

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    London Tokyo mum (金曜日, 11 5月 2018 08:10)

    My teen daughter and her friend had an unforgettable day in their kimono and wandering around in the temple grounds was very special. My daughter remarked that the staff were very kind and enthusiastic. I highly recommend this place. It was tiny so us mothers had a nice wait in local cafe. Domo Arigato gozaimaau! *************

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    Meckaa (金曜日, 11 5月 2018 08:00)

    We rented a kimono my sister and I with the basic plan, and we had such a good time. The very kind ladies speak english well, and helped us getting dressed, arranged our hair. We felt special!
    We spent the day walking around asakusa and took a lot of pictures. Very good experience and not too expensive! :)

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    Eric Canoy (土曜日, 21 4月 2018 10:36)

    Second to the last day of our Japan trip, we had booked a rental at Sakura Photo Studio in Asakusa. Being.that we had a large group, of seven participants, we wanted to go in early to get ahead of the crowd.

    We arrived via Ginza line, and in a few short blocks we were at the studio. It was located in 4 story building on the corner of two streets. Signs were posted on thier windows to show where they were located. The elevator is small, so you'll have to go in small groups of 3 or 4 at a time.

    As we got there most of the employees of Sakura Photo Studio were just getting in, but we're ready to help us get into our kimonos. They were really quick and patient in helping us choose our kimonos. One of the employees spoke FOUR LANGUAGES: Japanese, Korean, Chinese ( Mandarin), and English! That was really helpful especially when other groups started to enter the studio,including that the studio is very small for changing into the kimonos.

    The staff was able to get us into.our kimonos within the hour and let us know how long we had the rentals for the day. They also had some discounts on Rik Shaw rides through Asakusa. You'll look extra traditional with your kimonos.

    Overall, the service was great, the quality of the kimonos were great and diverse, and the staff was very helpful. Will do again if I come back to Asakusa.

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    Michele Cajes (木曜日, 21 12月 2017 11:18)

    This review is long overdue for such a wonderful experience!

    I’ve been to Sakura Photo Studio twice, and each time has been fantastic. I’ve been lucky enough to try both their Regular and Luxury sets. With both sets you get to choose: a kimono, obi, hair accessory and bag!
    Patient and professional, the employees and owners make you feel welcomed in their space. And never uncomfortable as they fit you into their kimonos. If you get overwhelmed by the sheer number of kimono available, the ladies are happy to help recommend fabric choices.
    Their style of obi bows is my favorite, too – more mature and elegant. It’s like a flower in the back of the kimono.
    Also, on my 2nd trip they added a new service. Rickshaw ride!
    It’s a collaboration that lets guests ride a rickshaw at a discounted price – much cheaper than buying a ride from the many companies on the main street. Believe me, this service will make your experience in Asakusa even better. Our rickshaw driver was extremely friendly, and knowledgeable. You’ll get to see and learn so much of the area AND be seen and admired! People will take videos and pictures, it’s guaranteed.
    If a rickshaw ride isn’t something you’d like to do, they also offer a photoshoot service. Both in studio or outside. Prices vary, but I did it my first time and I really enjoyed how the photos turned out.
    Personally, this is my go to place when I have to take friends around Tokyo, and they want a kimono experience.
    Highly recommend this experience.

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    Susanna (水曜日, 13 9月 2017 17:36)


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    タイスキ (火曜日, 12 9月 2017 12:13)


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    Adele (月曜日, 14 8月 2017 16:51)

    I had a really good time meeting a photographer and learning more about Asakusa and the Japanese culture. It was really nice wearing the kimono and the ladies at the studio did such a pretty hairstyle for me. The photos came out great. I am very happy I did this.

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    Amy (火曜日, 08 8月 2017 10:13)

    東京淺草遊 我在櫻花進行和服租借活動 櫻花在鈴木大樓的四樓 要稍微注意一下 要不然可能沒有看到 服務人員非常親切而且也很有笑容 讓客人可以慢慢挑選自己喜歡的和服 款式眾多 內裡配件也很繁複如果自己穿著 一定很困難 而幫忙客人穿衣服的阿姨們很有耐心 也很專業 和服穿得很妥當 我們在淺草逛了一圈 和服都沒有鬆脫 讓人很安心 設計髮型的設計師手巧又專業 美麗的髮型很快地處理好 真的很不錯

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    Jenny (火曜日, 08 8月 2017 10:11)

    東京淺草遊 穿著美麗的和服走在街上 與和服呼應的漂亮髮髻旁簪了可愛的髮飾 在鏡子前很滿意這樣特別的造型 走在街上一開始有一點害羞 而且腳上的襪子和夾腳鞋還不太習慣 但是到了淺草寺前的仲見世通 還有好多其他的人也穿著和服或浴衣 慢慢比較習慣 在等紅綠燈時 旁邊的老太太 也和我們微笑打招呼 用日語說著綺麗~ 咖哇衣~ 雖然和服比較美麗繁複 但是如果在夏天 建議挑選浴衣比較適合 布料比較輕薄涼爽 逛街參拜比較舒適

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    Esther Feng (月曜日, 10 7月 2017 09:36)

    Really felt like I was part of the Japanese culture!! They let you pick out the kimono and then help style your hair in a really pretty way to match your kimono with a cute hair accessory :) definitely would try again next time I'm in japan

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    Dale (月曜日, 26 6月 2017 16:16)

    It's a very good Japanese culture experience. My kid loves it a lot in Kimono although it's pretty hot and inconvenient to walk in it. We will definitely recommend friends try it when they visit Tokyo. The staff was so friendly, and they can speak English fluently. There are lots of choices of clothing and accessories. The dressing and styling process is around 30 minutes for 2 of us. Although the studio Is somehow not modern decorated, but it's a cozy place to visit.

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    Annna (火曜日, 13 6月 2017 09:25)

    Newfound respect for the ladies who had to wear kimonos on a daily basis back in the day! I didn't know the prep was so tedious. It was both surprisingly fun and tiring to walk in a kimono. We ate street food, shopped around Orange St and walked to Senso-ji Temple while we were wearing them. We were lucky that the place where we rented it from had actual silk kimonos instead of polyester because it was a very hot Sunday afternoon. Would recommend this experience to first time Tokyo visitors!

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    Zero cheong (日曜日, 28 5月 2017 11:00)


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    JJC (火曜日, 23 5月 2017 10:02)

    Good and efficient service. Staffs are very helpful. It is definitely one of the highlights for our Tokyo trip. Must try activity.

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    Luisa (火曜日, 23 5月 2017 10:01)

    It was great and service was great. Location is good so that you can go and take pictures with amazing scenarios!! :)

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    Patchi (土曜日, 13 5月 2017 08:26)


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    Bing(nickname) (木曜日, 04 5月 2017 10:26)

    The experience was superb. The shop owner is fluent in Japanese, Korean, English and even can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Communication wasn't a problem at all. The men's choices were relatively limited but still nice - I bet my fiancé chose the best one :) in order to match with his, I opted for a purple one, it was so beautiful that many people came to take pictures with me while we were strolling around Asakusa.

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    王律婷 (水曜日, 12 4月 2017 11:05)


    位在淺草的「Sakura Photo Studio」
    是小象在網路上 #VELTRA 預訂促銷活動
    活動結束給評價就可以嘍❤ 兩人只要 ¥5000


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    Girl`s Day (nick name) (火曜日, 11 4月 2017 09:30)

    I visited Tokyo with my two daughters. The kimono rental dress-up was the highlight of our trip. The ladies that dressed us and did our hair were so nice. It was such a fun experience that I would highly recommend.

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    Lee (火曜日, 04 4月 2017 12:27)


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    Roxie (月曜日, 27 3月 2017 09:47)

    So much fun!
    I scheduled our appointment for the very first of the day and was so glad that I did. We were the only ones there and had our pick of so many kimonos that I almost couldn't decide which one to wear. When we came back to return our kimonos, the studio was full with three or four people. The woman who runs the place speaks good english and was so sweet and delightful. She made the whole experience of picking out our kimonos and dressing so much fun. The best part was getting to walk around Tokyo in our kimonos. At first we were a little anxious, because we seemed to be getting a lot of looks. The Japanese people seemed to get a kick out of seeing foreigners dressed in kimonos as they'd mostly smile and do the little nod bow thing. We walked from the studio to Nakamise shopping street and Sensoji shrine. By the time we'd gotten through those two sight seeing places we started to see a lot of other people dressed in kimonos. As we saw the other people in kimonos, I realized how much nicer the Sakura studio dressing experience was than all the others as we looked way better than everyone else we saw. My husband had the kimono top with the hakama pants on and the kimono jacket over top. The other men I saw had just the kimono and jacket, no pants. It could have been a choice on their part, I'm not sure, but I thought the pants looked better. My obi was an actual obi that the woman tied into a really cool knot and added a second accent pre-tied knot that made it look really cool. The other women I saw walking around had only a pretty poor looking pre-tied obi on. We also got to pick out Zori sandals and a kimono purse to go with our kimonos. I was also surprised at how warm the whole getup was. It was around 50 degrees outside the whole day but I wasn't cold at all, and I usually get cold very easily. Overall, I would recommend this activity, and I would definitely recommend the Sakura Studio.

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    Sandra Lu (水曜日, 01 3月 2017 10:12)


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    さつまっころ (水曜日, 11 1月 2017 11:43)






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    Amanda.F (木曜日, 05 1月 2017 09:23)

    My wife and I did this experience together. The dressing studio is small and bustling, and being able to experience the art of formal kimono dressing was something we will never forget. Although we were the only foreigners there, suggesting this place does a robust local business, the English-speaking assistant was very accommodating. We were given a variety of beautiful kimonos to choose from, and ended up adding on a photo shoot package at the last minute, which they were great about. I have already recommended this experience to a friend who is traveling to Tokyo in a couple weeks.

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    Jelena (水曜日, 04 1月 2017 13:54)

    I went here for a kimono dressup and I selected the option for a make-up session as well. The ladies were welcoming and very friendly. They had a lot of kimono's to choose from, and the kimono's they had were beautiful. The make-up and hair was also beautifully done (using brands such as MAC!).
    I recommend this to anyone that wishes to dress up in a kimono and walk around beautiful Tokyo. There are Nice parks and sights closeby by which lovely pictures can be taken!

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    Hannah (水曜日, 04 1月 2017 13:47)

    brought my family to Asakusa, solely to participate in this activity. At first, they were very apphrehensive, but after donning the kimonos with the help and reassurances of the staff, my parents enjoyed this as much as I, a young adult, did!
    If you're looking for a fun family activity, or an activity that allows you to dress up and admire the beauty of Japan's reach history, then this is the one for you! The staff are super duper helpful, and assisted us in finding the best places to photograph our outing! The staff also pointed us to Kaminarimon, a Japanese gate whose shopping street leads you directly to Senso-ji, Asakusa's most famous temple!
    My only regret is that the selection of kimonos mostly consists of flower themed fabric; there were little to none featuring animals such as skylarks, koi, or even just trees and branches. But other than that, this experience was well worth it!

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    Jasmine (月曜日, 18 7月 2016 15:00)

    This was an amazing experience. The ladies were very kind and helpful! There are lots of different colored and deigned kimonos. The dressing and hairstyling was superb. Asakusa is a very picturesque place to wear a lovely yukata. I would love to come back in the future and recommend the service to everyone! Thank you for the great experience!

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    Emily (火曜日, 07 6月 2016 12:34)

    The whole experience was wonderful.
    The kimonos were pretty, service was great, the ladies who helped us dressed up and fix our hair are very nice and thoughtful, made us feel really welcome
    Thank you for the wonderful experience.

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    from taiwan gust (水曜日, 25 5月 2016 08:58)

    和服選擇多樣,樣式漂亮,包括頭飾、衣服、包包、鞋子。 梳妝的髮型簡單大方,老師們都很細心搭配。 行李可以寄放,英文、中午可溝通。

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    MHZ (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:18)

    This is the only place we found offer Kimono, not simple summer clothing in Tokyo. The selection is very broad in all kinds of colors. The dressing service and over experience is wonderful. The photographer is nice too. It is important to keep in mind that the photography fee is depending on number of people in the group. So since we have 3 people, we need to pay 15,000 JPN Yen for hiring the photographer.

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    siomara huete (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:17)

    It was expectacular , love it !! Thanks you guys you were asome!

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    Oradee (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:17)

    I am very impressed with service and Kimono dressed up experience in Asakusa last year so this year I returning with my two brothers. Both of them get an attention from tourist some tourist asked them if they can take their photos. I wear my own Yukata this year but the service my brother received was great with professional and attention. They dressed up in about 15 minutes after chosen the Kimono. I would recommended Kimonos dressed up experience if anyone plan to come to Asakusa.

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    Minh (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:16)

    Wowowoow.. It was an amazing experience. We are late cause we got lost but when we got there they were super friendly. it was the highlight of our trip! We love every bit of it.

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    Doc Nice (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:15)

    I've always wondered how it felt like to wear a Kimono. I never knew how elaborate it is to wear it, until I tried it. It was so beautiful... I was carefully dressed up from head to foot by three people, as if I was a VIP. Their efforts paid off since many strangers praised how I looked.Walking around wearing the Kimono was an experience I'll never forget. In fact, I will do it again if I will have the chance to go back to Japan.

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    Robert (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:14)

    These women work so hard to "get it right" so the tight quarters become almost a part of the experience.

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    Sasha (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:14)

    We love sakura studio as their provide fast and efficient service from the kimono choosing process and hair do. Some how just a minor irritation when its get too crowded in the shop. There is no personal room/separate room for gents or ladies as well as locker to put your valuable stuff. Its kinda bit of discomfort when other guy looking at you dressing up. Make sure to wear not see through clothing for your inner because you need to wear your kimono in-front of others. Overall, it can be improve in future and the host is great in many languages!

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    Emily (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:12)

    We had an awesome experience! There were plenty of beautiful kimono choices and the staff were very friendly, efficient and professional! My daughter who is 4 yo totally enjoyed the experience too!

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    Ilaria (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:09)

    The kimono experience was awesome!
    The whole outfit and hair do made me feel a bit Japanese, all the ladies who took care of it were lovely.
    The photographer was great too, and an amazing guide too!in on of the best locations in Tokyo.
    Truly recommended.

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    Judy S, (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:09)

    Located on a side street will need directions or map. Helpful ladies at Sakura Photo Studio quickly dress you. Selection of different colors. Memorable experience to walk around in kimono attire!

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    Maiko (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:08)

    I could not have asked for a better way to spend my vacation day in Asakusa than being able to roam around with a Kimono. The moment I entered their office, I was greeted immediately by the ladies there, and I can attest that they are all professionals. There's an array of kimonos and hakamas to choose from, and it only took less than 30 minutes for them to dress me. For women, they even fix your hair for you. When I posted up my pictures, all of my friends who visited Japan before were jealous that I got to experience this. This is definitely another way to immerse yourself in the culture, and a great way to spend your visit in Japan.

    Thank you to the ladies for being so dandy! You will be pleased to know that I recommended you to all of my friends and family.

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    Emilie and friends (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 10:07)

    The ladies at the studio were lovely, they made us feel really welcome and our time at the studio had a great atmosphere. The kimonos were stunning and there was a large variety of high-quality kimono to choose from. Thank you ladies for a lovely experience, we will most definitely be back again :)

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    Anoc (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 09:38)

    My friend and I wanted to wear kimono and just got the day rental, with the first appointment at 930am. Being able to wear the kimono for the whole day in Tokyo was definitely worth the price. They do your hair and we loved our hairstyles! The quality of the materials were also much nicer than some of the rentals we saw people walking around in. The ladies who worked there were also very kind. I highly recommend!

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    Lolly (火曜日, 24 5月 2016 09:37)

    We arrived to a room full of other customers and it felt a little cramped and rushed at first, however the workers were attentive and meticulous with the kimono dressing. The overall experience was great and is a must for a first timer.
    P.s. be prepared to be the centre of attention as a lot of people will be looking at you and asking for pictures...

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    Sheryl (日曜日, 08 5月 2016 23:12)

    Awesome service with loads of gorgeous kimonos for you to choose from! Comes with hairdo too!

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    Samantha (日曜日, 08 5月 2016 23:11)

    This was absolutely amazing. Wandering around Asakusa in full traditional dress, everyone was asking to take our photo, we felt like celebrities!

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    Sai (日曜日, 01 5月 2016 23:58)

    Hello, I'm from Thailand and I was going to the shop with my friends in April. I've write it in the blog for the experience in wearing kimono in Japan. It was wonderful. I love it!!




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